Tuesday, March 24, 2009

by: Schvach Yid

I grew up in a German-speaking home; my father is German, my mother is from Vienna.
Thank G-d they managed to escape.

During my youth here in America the adults of my family conversed in German. I managed to learn only a few German words and expressions at the dinner table, as examples, ja, nein, shut up (oops, that’s English).

Today, I learned a new German word, a misanthropism – Schadenfreude. It means to take pleasure from another person’s misery. It’s not a very nice sentiment.

I have Si Frumkin to thank for this language lesson; you can read about it at:

Mr. Frumkin has more on Arutz Sheva at: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/8664.

Schadenfreude is what the Jew haters derive from the misery they hurl upon us. They laugh with gusto. We slink. The Jewish State of Israel capitulates.

Have you ever heard anyone at the UN refer to Israel as ‘The Jewish State of Israel’? Have you ever heard Israel’s representatives at the UN introduced, as speakers, as the representatives of The Jewish State of Israel? The Islamic Republic of Iran I’ve heard, but never The Jewish State of Israel. Am I wrong?

Like everything else, Schadenfreude can be turned around. When the Moslem Jew haters yell ‘you need a big oven’ at us, it’s just as easy for us to derive satisfaction by replying in kind. Another German ditty, Schweinerei (pig wash) will do nicely.

I know, I know, shouting contests are juvenile and pointless, except that it might provide some Schadenfreude for us at the expense of them. ‘It doesn’t pay’, one might assert. Well, it might – just remember the ditty, ‘make ‘em pay’.

It’s trite, silly. Well, maybe, but The Jewish State of Israel can use the same lesson. Forget the criticisms, just make the bastards pay. The name of the country is The Jewish State of Israel. Its flag has tallis stripes and a Magen David for a reason, and those will stay, just as the flag of South Korea, the country of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, displays the Yin Yang symbol. I’ve never heard any objections to the name, flag, language, official state religion, or national anthem of any member nation of the UN, except you know who.

I must thank Si Frumkin for introducing me to this most telling and appropriate word, Schadenfreude, a virtual synonym for Jew hatred, because that’s all Jew hatred is about – it makes no other sense.


rutimizrachi said...

Language tells us so much about a people. It gives me pride that there is no equivalent in Hebrew for "Schadenfreude." I am also rather pleased that the Hebrew/Yiddish verb "lefargen," or "to fargen," seems to have no one-world equivalent in German, or in English, for that matter. To fargen is to take joy in your friend's success. The nearest equivalent I can find in English is only its opposite: "to begrudge." (There is no word in English, to my knowledge, for "not to begrudge.") Perhaps the greatest revenge is to be a Yiddishe mensh -- because this is something our language and culture teaches us to do.

Schvach said...

Ruti: Our whole aim is live our lives as Yiddishe menschen; thanks for the lesson.