Sunday, April 24, 2011

Come On Down
by: Schvach Yid

First (perhaps not) it was Billy Graham (is he still alive?), then it was Burt Lancaster – well, it was Burt Lancaster in a movie impersonating (I assume) Billy Graham, and now,
Live From Frankfurt Germany (actually, it’s a video), it’s the Moslems doin’ the same thing – in German (was sonst?).

And here is a video courtesy of Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog site, at:

It’s a mixed message. The ‘heroine’ castigates Hitler, then implores Germans to stand up to defend their country (‘Germany, rise up’ – we’ve heard that one in the past, from the ‘castigate’ himself).

You know, some things really never change at all.

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