Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Deception of Christian Zionism
by: Schvach Yid

It’s nothing new. President Bush is presumed to be something of a Gospels totter, yet his support for Israel has been lax, to say the very least.

Take ‘the West Bank’, properly termed Judea/Samaria – YESHA. The Moslems refuse to share this Jewish turf with Jews, so too for the Temple Mount. According to the Western (read Christian) world, if the Moslems want Jewish turf, it’s theirs, and we Jews have nothing to say about it.

Of course, the whole argument is couched behind platitudes about human rights (for the Palestinian Arabs, not for Jews), the need for understanding and accommodation (on behalf of Palestinian Arabs, not Jews), the obligation of the ‘well off’ to condescend to and provide for the less fortunate – you know, the standard politically Liberal line for the benefit of Palestinian Arabs at the expense of Jews, as though Israeli Jews are wealthy and Middle East Arab Moslems are poor, and lastly, that great icon of secular Western Jewish existence, education. We are well educated compared to the Palestinian Moslem Arabs, therefore we pay.

At the heart of this conflict over Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish homeland is the conflict that under rides Western religious existence, namely, the assertion that each one of the three Western religions trumps the other two – the ‘true faith’ assertion.

Never mind the fact that Western religions numbers 2 and 3 are both knockoff attempts at emulating and surpassing Judaism. This, of course, will never be admitted by adherents to either of those two other faiths.

No, the admission of a Jewish right to sovereignty in the Holy Land by Christianity would of course negate Christianity’s claim of legitimacy, even if that Christian support of a Jewish State were made to counter the Moslem claim. Islam’s acknowledgement of an inherent Jewish right to the land would likewise serve as an admission by Islam of its own illegitimacy.

The claims of religious efficacy rest entirely on the claim of Gd’s revelation. Each of the three Western religions invokes its scripture in support of this. The Jewish claim to the Land of Israel is based on HaShem’s revelation to us, given in Torah. Acknowledge that, and the rest follows, because Gd’s word is Gd’s word.

The Christian Zionists are well informed about this. So too are the Moslems. The British ‘promise’ of a Homeland for the Jews in the old Mandate of Palestine, and beyond, was, and continues to be, slowly and gradually eroded to virtually nothing. Britain was a Christian nation; its leaders were Christian and understood very well the need to negate the claims of Judaism as a requisite of their own claims of religious legitimacy. So too for the dynamic duo of Bush and Rice. So too will it be for their successors.

The eagerness, or alternatively the complacency, of Israel’s leadership to fall in line with the demands in support of the religious claims of Christianity and Islam serves only to negate Torah. In an apparent paradox, the century-old scam of disguising religion as politics by the Christian world has been met by Israel’s refusal to recognize the identity of the beast. There is no peace on the horizon for Israel, at least not until the Israeli populace finds its brain and uses it.


Anonymous said...

Muslem religion and country of muslem
people , they are really strict on the rules of religion. I know they have strong boundary of religion. They have unity , i like that unity. this is an example for others people and religion's.
"they fallow kuran".
But some muslem country they are fighting each others that is not good for them and all.

alle sigalow

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