Monday, July 09, 2007

Bored Again Jew
by: Schvach Yid

I’ve just had my keester kicked off Yo Yenta’s blog site ( as a commenter; I don’t know why, but things happen, so there! Hers is my absolute favorite blog site and where I’m not wanted I can’t comment, and that puts a damper on things.

Is there a remedy? Maybe – I’ll try commenting here. The Yenta’s blog in question concerns the decision of Pope Benedict to reinstate (or permit the reinstatement of) the traditional Catholic Latin mass (Mel Gibson’s favorite, or so he said, I’ll have you know)that lambasts Jews for our lack of belief in the Church’s savior (sorry, we received nothing from Hashem about this matter at Mt. Sinai all those millennia ago). In response to that, I commented something like this:

Thank you, I’ll stick with the Aleinu that appears in the ‘rite’ of the Spanish and Portuguese
Jews, according to R’ David Desolo Poole of Congregation Sheareth Israel on W70th Street in NY.

The references therein are taken from Isaiah, and long precede the events and characters given in the ‘Gospels’.

Also, about the remarks concerning Abraham Foxman – not enough good things can be said about him. Mr. Foxman has been a ceaselessly valiant advocate of Jews the world over who has spent his adult life battling Jew hatred. He’s our version of Superman (how appropriate, since Superman was created by two Jews).

Have a look at Yo Yenta’s blog.


Unknown said...

I put the following comment in there.

Actually, the censored sentence (removed after complaints in 1499 by the church) has been in both the Ashkenaz and Sephard version of Rabbi Arthur Scroll's siddur from the beginning.

I do not know how to switch to post in Lashon Hakodesh so I will put in the tranliteration.

She'heim mishtachavim lahevel varik, umishtachavim le-eil lo yoshia

At one time when I was arguing with the missionaries on alt.messianic and fighting them off on soc.culture.jewish (many years ago) I mistranslated the first half as

And they bow to the idol varik as a dig at the reason they gave for insisting it be removed from the siddur.

Unknown said...

Sorry, I made a mistake. I meant 1399 (see the Art Scroll commentary on that line in Aleinu)

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