Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Babel Brained and Bobble Headed

by: Schvach Yid

Once again, I’m confused. The more I read of the goings-on in the life and politics of Israel, the more I’m left scratching my noggin. The Israeli left is a true enigma. Who in Israel can afford this extravagance? And I just don’t get it - perhaps it goes something like this: We’re better, smarter, rich, well educated, and possess an innate (inane?) pan-superiority, certainly relative to the Arab Palestinians, if not to every one else in the world, therefore condescension is the best policy, come what may’. Do I have it right? If not, please correct me.

Since when can Israel afford to indulge in such egocentric nonsense? So called liberal Israelis, sabras and olim, advocate the abandonment of the Jewish State in favor of what? Peace Park? Brotherly Love Land? Dhimmi World?

Why do people – Jews - who advocate the cession of parts, or even the entirety, of the Jewish State choose to live in the Jewish State? Surely their decision isn’t attributable to bigotry – their bigotry - I mean, just what’s wrong with the rest of the world? You know, Jordan, LebanonTurkey?

The Netherlands is (are?) supposed to be very liberal and tolerant, and well populated with nice accepting people from the Middle East, and of course, there’s lots of Jewish history to be had in the Netherlands. That portion of Belgium called Flanders is beautiful – very esthetic with quaint narrow streets in old quaint towns and villages. It also has it’s share of modernity – universities, industry, and that great distraction of all Jewish aspirations – medicine.

So, why do Israeli anti-Israel Jews continue to live in Israel? Just how liberal are these liberals? Not sufficiently liberal to live where the Magen David don’t shine? Why do they need to live in the land of Hebrew? What’s wrong with Arabic, after all, considering their strain of politics, I think they should get use to that language. I bet they’re vehemently pro ‘Kingdom’ of Jordan –please don’t disrupt that. Why not live there? I’m sure the Jordanian royal family and their subjects would be delighted to welcome Jewish immigrants to Jordan with open arms. Beside,
the climate and landscape are the same;
Jordan even has a bit of coastline, and it’s closer to Saudi Arabia to boot. And don’t forget the arid landscape devoid of most vegetation. The absence of greenery yields oxygen deprived brains. That shouldn’t faze the Israeli liberals one bit.

If they are so pro this and anti themselves, why do they live in The Jewish State of Israel?

The religious Zionists have it right. To live in Eretz Yisroel is a mitzvah – a commandment from the Aybischter , straight from Har Sinai. One doesn’t relinquish it, not one millimeter. If the Koran and its followers could get it right, they would understand this and not offer murder and their futile attempts at displacement as their response to revelation (the Moslem claim of true revelation not withstanding).

The Israeli liberal position is based on a misguided self perception of superiority. The Moslem claim to the land of Israel isn't based on ignorance, it's based on scripture - their scripture, the Koran. Scripture, all scriptures, are held to be immutable by their respective adherents. The Moslems aren't about to change their minds. If you don't believe this just ask Saudi Prince Bandar. Think he's poor? Do you think he's ignorant? He has a degree from Harvard (but one wouldn't know it listening to him). Ask him about Israel's future.


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