Sunday, June 03, 2007


by: Schvach Yid

Let’s savor the moment. The future has arrived. Have you noticed the ever-increasing number of traditionally Arab-clad women encountered at work and in the marketplace (the men aren’t nearly as conspicuous as the religious Moslem women, thanks to their taste in apparel)?

Have you ever wondered to where this will all lead? The answer has arrived in the form of Britain’s call for the financial boycott of Israeli academic institutions. And why has England taken this tack? Ostensibly, the informed analysts tell us, to placate its Arab/Moslem population - you know – all those immigrants. Am I anti-immigrant? Absolutely not! How could I be, since my parents are, and my grandparents were, immigrants? In fact, virtually every adult with whom I was related or acquainted during my youth was an immigrant. I’m a first generation American. I fully support immigration – thank Gd for immigration.

So what’s my beef (kosher or halal)? Jew hatred. These Arab Moslems have their homes in the Middle East, fly to and settle in the West, and proceed to politically manipulate events in their abandoned homelands against Israel via their newly adopted Western countries. This is part of the effort initiated by Yaser Arafat and his pals, part 1 of which was the institution of the huge reproduction rate among the Palestinian refugees (not among the Jordanian Palestinians) in the past , as the highest birthrate of any defined human population in the world. After all, before one can assert the ‘need’ to establish a new country for a needy people (didn’t they ever hear of Jordan?), one first needs a country-sized population of needy people – right?

And so part 2 of Yaser Arafat’s grand strategy for the Palestinian people has arrived. The floodgates have opened, and the flood of emigrants (most of whom are not Palestinian) is directed away from the Middle East, and is in fact directed against Israel.

In the mid 1980’s I took a job. There, in my new workplace, a group of my co-workers confronted me one fine day, and demanded, ‘why can’t you people (Jews, I guessed) get along with the Arabs; you’re supposed to be cousins’. Not one of these former co-workers of mine was Jewish (or white, for that matter). It’s so nice to be accepted. And so now, more than two decades after the fact, I wish to extend my gratitude to this group of my former co-workers. Thank you, my former co-workers, for extending peership to me. Here was another example where my presence – the mere presence of a Jew – served as a source of antagonism to non-Jews. This in turn was a mere microcosm of the situation we Jews face as co-occupants of planet Earth, and after at least 1500 years of this, it’s not about to end.

This newest phase of the Arab/Moslem assault against Israel is a warm-up for the coming kick in the Jewish keester. I wish all my fellow Yiddin, and myself, the very best of luck!


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