Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Dolt in Sheep’s Clothes

by: Schvach Yid

Their penchant for self destruction and capitulation is evidently unslakable. King Abdullah of Jordan sat there, schmercheling from ear to ear, and with good reason. Like a master of the gaming tables, he had had his way with his opponent, Israel, without as much as a pico-loss – no, make that without as much as an atto-loss – to himself. A true gentleman of leisure who conducts himself as though he has nothing to lose - not his kingdom, not his life - who conducts himself with the impunity of a self appointed immunity.

He, of course, was laughing at Ehud Olmert, and too bad the TV viewer wasn’t treated to the details of Olmert’s words. It was a friendly meeting among pals: Mahmoud Abbas, King Abdullah of Jordan, and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. Too bad there was a fly in the ointment – Israel’s Olmert. It was a friendly meeting mediated by the foes of Israel, on their turf. The scene reminded me of past meetings in which I’ve participated on former jobs. I wonder what Olmert signed. I wonder if Olmert knows. I suspect he isn’t fully informed of the brain-limiting effects of an adrenaline surge. Would anyone want Olmert as a business partner?

This chummy get-together took place in Sharm-el-Sheikh, didn’t it? Israel took possession of Sharm el Sheikh in the ’67 War, didn’t they? Israel then capitulated to Egypt and ‘returned’ the Sinai to Egypt post 1973, which of course included Sharm el Sheikh, right? And Anwar Sadat is reputed to have commented on that occasion ‘poor Israel, we got the Sinai, and all they got was a piece of paper’, or very similar words (Richard Nixon, on his journey back to Washington from his history making trip to China, is reputed to have crowed: ‘They got Taiwan, and all we got were egg rolls’). Do I have that right? And now, in Sharm el Sheikh, Olmert on behalf of Israel has once again capitulated. How’m I doin’ (my apology to His Honor Edward Koch, the former mayor of the City of New York) – okay, or what?

This scene on TV reminded me of historical accounts of the signing of a certain capitulation to a then up and coming tyrannical dictator, which played out in a railroad car that had on an earlier occasion hosted the signing of the treaty of Versailles.

Does anyone suspect that Egypt’s mediation of talks involving Israel may list just a wee bit toward the bogus? Why does ‘peace’ rein between Israel and Egypt? Egypt is on the take, right? The US pays plenty for Egypt’s peace-compliance with lots of cash and lots of military hardware and know-how, and let’s not forget that that old blast from the past, Russia, Egypt’s former mentor and sponsor, is certainly not forgotten, and lies anything but dormant. That old threat and all its problems is back; so Israel, watch yours!


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