Friday, June 29, 2007

A Shande

by: Schvach Yid

Israel’s Proclamation of Independence, whose authorship is attributed to David Ben Gurion, explicitly states that the new State of Israel is to be a Jewish State, to serve as the historic homeland and refuge for Jews all over the world without regard to race, creed, or gender. It adamantly negates the rule of Britain and that country’s mandate over British Palestine. The Proclamation also holds out a plea to the then newly formed UN and to the Arab inhabitants of the former Yishuv and to those of the neighboring Arab states.

Israel was created as the Jewish homeland. The current policies of Israel with regard to providing refuge and accommodation to the Moslem victims of violence in the Darfur region of Sudan on the one hand, and Israel’s very limited policy of repatriating the Jews of Ethiopia on the other hand, is nothing less than an absolute shande – a disgrace to Israel’s raison d’être.

This policy of rejection of Jews in desperate need, together with the forced expulsion of Jewish religious olim from Yesha, coupled with Israel’s quick and ready obeisance to the voices of foreign powers, causes a great deal more than just pause.

What the hell is going on in the minds of Israel’s leadership? Do they really believe they can curry favor with the ‘Quartet’? Fantasy makes a poor foundation for life. The founding of the Jewish State of Israel was supposed to end the need for Jews to indulge in such avoidance maneuvers.

Without doubt the rescue of abused victims of violence is a noble task, but how does one explain the disparity between Israel’s policy toward the Moslems of Darfur and the Jews of Ethiopia? Perhaps as another effort at appeasement? I hope Israel hasn’t made the error of a self-imposed quota on melanin imports, and if it has, why this seeming reversal of priority?

Tony Blair is on his way jadies and jents. The British are not Jew lovers, not by any measure. Just what do the leaders of Israel expect of Blair and of the ‘Quartet’ in the weeks and months ahead? In his pursuit of a post-career career, Tony Blair has stated he’s committed to the establishment of a Palestinian Homeland. The dunce! Doesn’t that dope-a-matic know his country invented the Arab Palestinian Homeland from its Mandate of Palestine in the 1920’s as the Kingdom of Transjordan, since recreated as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It’s already there Tono! Forget the old chum routine, and your nation’s lingering resentment of the Jewish war against British rule in the Yishuv. Your empire sank beneath the horizon decades ago, and there’s nothing of it to be salvaged. There’s no justification for obligating Jews to pay the price for this piece of British nationalistic narcissistic self-indulgence.

Tony, want to do some post-career good? There’s no need to emulate the talents and savvy of James Earl Carter in this effort. Why don’t you help the good Moslem victims of Darfur? I’m sure that in generations to come their descendants will make good British citizens, devoted and committed to Britannia and to the British crown. How many luxury cruise liners are needed to transport these victims of violence to England? Common Tony, where’s your heart?


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