Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here They Go Again

by: Schvach Yid

Perhaps it’s unfinished business, this new row of Britain over Israel, the UCU’s (England’s University and Colleges Union) call for a boycott of funding of Israel’s academic institutions. I assume there exists, among the collegians of England’s aged and honored universities, an ‘old school chum’ mentality; you know, honor, devotion, cronyism, freshman beanies old bean – all of that. One might recall England was granted, at the conclusion of the First World War, an exclusive mandate over the administration of Palestine (as it was subsequently named by Britain), newly released from the rule of the fallen Ottoman Empire. Poor Turkey!

Britain had a little something to say about limiting Jewish emigration from Europe to its Mandate of Palestine as the Second World War took shape, with the full encouragement and participation of Arab/Moslem leaders, with disastrous results for us, as intended by the leaders of the Arab/Moslem world. The resulting resolve of Jews to establish, once and for all - literally - a Jewish Homeland in the Homeland of the Jews led to the deserved, but very limited, sacrifices of England in military personnel and international prestige. At the newly formed UN England threw up its arms in frustration as the Yishuv vied for nationhood in the community of nations. England abstained in the vote that established the Jewish State of Israel. All over the globe the sun was setting on the British Empire. Poor England!

The recently acquired and rapidly expanding Moslem population in England might have something to do with the recent and inordinately inappropriate maneuver by some British academics, but British bred spite might very well have as much, or more, significance in the matter of England vs Israel.

What’s Russia up to? More old school perhaps? CBS’ 60 Minutes, maybe a decade ago, ran a piece on the old cronies of Soviet days who ran/run the current (back then) Russian military. A Soviet flag and a portrait of Lenin were shown adorning the command of the Russian military. Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB, is now President of Russia, and seems to have a love for Syria and an appetite for Israel. Maybe they miss the old days. Poor USSR!

Nebich for them my foot! It’s poor Israel. I suggest Israel wake up and smell the real coffee and forget about importing Starbucks. If anyone thinks there’s nothing more worthless than yesterday’s newspaper, guess again. Resurrection, and I don’t mean of the Jewish variety, is wafting through the air.


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