Friday, June 08, 2007

Pee Wee Israel

by: Schvach Yid

Thank you Mr. Putin. According to yesterday’s news reports, Russia has equipped Syria with 20,000 (do I have the number correct?) long range missiles – missiles that can reach any geographic target within Israel. I haven’t heard anything about their mobility. Does Israel have 20,000 targets? I doubt it. In Cossack-like fashion, Mr. Putin seems to have the ‘Israel problem’ well in hand, no doubt for a significant consideration in oil and money, and just as undoubtedly, not just for Russia. What’s Cossack for Putin?

This just doesn’t end. The Palestinians commemorate their loss of the ’67 War as ‘The Great Setback’, not ‘The Great Loss’ – get it? As far as they are concerned it’s transient. The land of Israel – the whole State of Israel – will accrue to their possession as far as the Arabs are concerned. And why shouldn’t the Palestinian Arabs take this view, after all, Israel has had a hand in this, haven’t they? The territories conquered by Israel in 1967 were never annexed, but instead held as bargaining chips by Israel. In other words, Israel intended to return the conquered territories all along. Israel just won’t admit that the Arabs intend to take all the land, right to the shores of the Mediterranean. There is no pressure applied to the Arab states, and never has been. They have enjoyed autonomy all along. Israel, on the other hand, begs for legitimacy and recognition – forget about national sovereignty. This despite the fact that every nation in the Middle East was created de novo at some time following the First World War. Israel, in the eyes of the community of nations, is held as superfluous.

Perhaps the Moslems think of Israel as the foreskin of the Middle East, to be excised and gotten rid of. The Moslems circumcise, according to their custom, at the age of 13. Israel is well past that age (Israel reach the age of 13 years in 1961, didn’t it?).

Much of the rest of the world thinks differently of circumcision. Have you caught any of these activist criticisms covered by the news media? Years ago, the UN, I think it was, hosted an ‘International Women’s Day’, or some similarly titled event. Pronto quick, in Monty Python style I imagine, the participants descended upon the Israeli/Jewish delegates - Palestinians this, circumcision that. Not too long ago, one of the cable TV news channels carried a bit about international objections to the practice of circumcision (all circumcision, not just the barbaric practice of mutilating females). A recent survey conducted in Israel revealed that the single , almost unanimous religious practice among Israeli Jews, whether religious, secular, even those who are anti-religious, is the custom of circumcising their newborn sons.

So here’s one for the Jew-hating anti-circumcisionists – and please don’t tell me their assertions against circumcision aren’t motivated by anything other than overt Jew-hatred : The world is a prick, and Israel is its foreskin (Gd forbid); if the world thinks circumcision is cruel, then they should practice what they preach and leave Israel alone!

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