Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mr. Carter, Read This Wall
by: Schvach Yid

Last week CNN aired (cabled?) a 3 part series titled Gd’s Warriors. Former President of the United States James (Jimmy) Earl Carter was briefly interviewed and reference was made to his recent literary contribution to the world of Jew hatred, Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid (how dare he!). I haven’t read the book; I doubt I’ll ever bother to, but I’ve heard so many interviews in which he’s discussed his book that I feel like an expert.

Mr. Carter has made a positive reputation for himself, and deservedly so, for his efforts at international peace via his organization The Carter Center, as well as for his humanitarian work via his other organization The Jimmy Carter Work Project, affiliated with Habitats For Humanity International.

I thought his book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid was over and done with, but alas, CNN has resurrected it, so here I go.

Mr. Carter makes no secret of his religious faith, and has pursued a life as a Gd-fearing, Bible-believing person. He claims to have taught Christian Sunday school years ago. Perhaps having been born and bred in the briar patch of the American Bible Belt, Mr. Carter might recall a ditty from the Book of Deuteronomy (for us, Parshas Ki Tavo, for him Deut. 27:2): As soon as you have crossed the Jordan into the land that the Lord your Gd is giving you, you shall set up large stones, coat them with plaster and inscribe upon them all the words of this Teaching.

Yo, Jimmy! Israel, ie the Jews in Israel, are commanded to construct a physical wall between themselves and everyone else, display the writing of the Sefer Torah on that wall, and live according to its contents. It’s not apartheid Mr. Carter, it’s the Bible. Get it? It has nothing to do with the now extinct Berlin Wall.

More than a decade ago, when he was still a vital individual, Ariel Sharon came to the United States on a speaking tour. I had the good fortune of being in town when Mr. Sharon made a local appearance, and so I attended his talk. His knowledge of the English language did not serve him well on that occasion, but his message was, nonetheless, loud, clear, and appreciated by all in attendance. Ariel Sharon eventually left Israel’s Likud Party and founded Kadima, which instituted the construction of the partition wall (so lambasted by Mr. Carter) between Israel and the marauding Jew-murdering Arab Palestinians (who are so lauded by Mr. Carter). I can’t quote statistics, but I believe this wall, implemented by Kadima but commanded by HaShem in the Chumash (but perhaps not in its current location – maybe a bit farther East), has resulted in a drastic reduction in Arab homicidal bombings against the Jews of Israel.

Perhaps I’ve trespassed upon turf about which I’m not qualified to comment, but it seems to me that former President Carter’s remarks about Israel and the Palestinian Arabs are a bit uncalled for. You know, he’s wrong!


Jack Steiner said...

Carter is just so far beyond the pale.

Schvach said...

I assume Carter's position toward Israel is based on some personal sleight he received at the hands of the Israelis. He can't possibly be so out of touch as to believe the Palestinian Arabs are in the right.

Unknown said...

Various articles have said that Menachem Begin once told Dhimmi Carter that he was wrong about something. Like Haman, he wants to get back at all the Jews for that insult

Schvach said...

I assume that's the case - that Mr. Carter 'suffered' some sleight (real or imagined) at the hands of the Israelis.

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