Wednesday, August 22, 2007

America Foist
by: Schvach Yid

It has occurred to me that Ehud Olmert isn’t his own boss, nor for that matter is Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, nor was Menachem Begin, nor is any other dependent of my country, the USA. It has occurred to me that where our State Department’s policies are concerned, the marionettes dance aplenty. This is good for my country, America; it’s not so hot (oh yes it is!) for the recipient country of America’s foreign aid, supportive influence, and non-belligerence.

It’s not about altruism and never has been. Some countries are able to make it worth their whiles (wiles?). England, for instance; Saudi Arabia and China; Jordan. Others are more vulnerable and have few or no options. Israel qualifies for this second category.

Face it, dependency stinks, especially when the needs of the dependent are at odds with the insistencies of the provider. That which rules the American social/political scene not only is in opposition to the needs of Israel, it’s overtly injurious to the maintenance and existence of the Jewish State.

Anyone who works for a living, ie., goes into the American workplace every day, who enters the American marketplace, who watches and pays attention to the major American cable TV news channels knows what’s going on. This demand for Israel’s compliance with American social/political priorities passes the buck to a country for which such demands are ruinous. Foisting America’s social needs onto the Jewish State has to result in the termination of the Jewish State, since a single identity nationhood, based on a religious identity, is anathema to America’s national anthem, and to America’s laws - the US Constitution.

Israel’s Constitution is the Hebrew Bible – Tanach. Israel’s accession to demands for its abandonment of the Jewish way – Judaism – in favor of an artificial construct of people at loggerheads ‘getting along’ ain’t a solution for Israel, simply because no one wants to get along with Jewish Israel. Everyone wants to replace/obsolesce/destroy/ Israel.

This is the plaque of hatred – of being the object and subject of hate, and the demands of other interests that lie outside Israel and Judaism offer the antithesis of a Jewish State that will live in peace.

The demands stipulated by detractors and opponents snowball quickly. We’ve seen this with the Palestinians: first, the release of prisoners (terrorist murderers of Jews); then, once accomplished, additional and varied demands: land, a return to the pre-1967 borders, demands for military training (disclosure of Israel’s military strategies and tactics), money, even the Dead Sea Scrolls. It doesn’t end until the enemy – Israel – is gone. Ally to this the demands made by Israel’s only ‘friend’ and benefactor in the world – demands for social structuring that will ensure the eradication of Jewish Israel, and the future of Israel is bleak indeed.


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