Thursday, January 03, 2008

‘Teach Them Well’
by: Schvach Yid

I think this phrase is from the Crosby, Stills, and Nash ditty Teach Your Children.

At any rate, this year’s crop of Jewish Rhodes Scholarship winners numbers seven, according to the e-Jewish web site, at:

The Rhodes Scholarship was founded by the British-turned-African explorer and entrepreneur Cecil B. Rhodes, who not only managed to get an entire African country named in his honor by his fellow British – Rhodesia (but since renamed Zimbabwe by the region’s post-colonial Africans), but who additionally piled an enormous fortune courtesy of his South African-based diamond mining and marketing monopoly, DeBeers Consolidated Mines, Ltd.

It might interest the reader to know that Rhodes’ financial empire acquired its name, DeBeers,as a gesture of triumph, or rather ridicule - the valuable diamond mining property having been purchased for a pittance from an unsuspecting South African Boer farmer named DeBeers. Little did he suspect.

Philanthropy has a treasured time-honored tradition in the Jewish world. It’s the Jewish secular analog of tzedakah. Remember that Alfred Nobel applied his financial fortune, amassed from the manufacture and sale of his invention, dynamite, to establish the highly coveted Nobel Prize.

In the Jewish world, the tradition lives on. Cecil B. Rhodes’ diamond monopoly has been disjoined by our very own Lev Leviev, formerly of Bukharia (Uzbekistan), now of Israel and a generous contirbutor to Jewish causes, and additionally we Jews rack up Rhodes Scholarships.

There are complaints about Jewish worldly success. If you’re interested one can be accessed at: Sour grapes!

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs for the link (by the way, the Altas Shrugs blog site reached 5,000,000 hits today, and already there has been an increase of over 100,000 hits - unberufen).


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