Sunday, January 06, 2008

Like, I Love It, Know What I’m Sayin’
by: Schvach Yid

My high regard for the late physicist Richard Feynman aside, Tibetan throat singing has met its match (I think). This month’s edition of Hadassah Magazine, as well as the December 21st issue of The New York Jewish Week, has run a feature article on the ‘Mountain Jews’, or ‘Gorski (Mountain) Jews’, formerly of the Caucasus Mountains of Central Asia, and now residing as small communities in Israel, Brooklyn NY, Detroit, and Pennsylvania. The Brooklyn-based community has a small synagogue, established in 2001, located on Ocean Parkway, The Kavkazi (Caucasus) Jewish Congregation, or Beit Knesset Ohr HaMizrah.

A nice You Tube spiel of the community’s music can be accessed at:


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