Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nicht Fűr derJuden
by: Schvach Yid

Once again Yo, Yenta! has pointed my nose to the worthier side of Jewish jibe, at This bit is about a Jewish NASCAR race driver, a native of New Jersey, who for some as yet undisclosed reason has strayed into the very un-Jewish world of professional car racing (why doesn’t he just don a blindfold and go swimming with alligators?).

Here in America’s Bible Belt, where I reside, NASCAR is godliness; no self-respecting Southerner (I’m talking about the Caucasian variety folks) dares to stray away from it, but even among long time Jews of the ‘genteel’ South, nary a Yid flips the tube to car racing. It just isn’t us (I’m a native New Yorker).

Enter young (20 years old) Jon Denning (not a Jewish name) who, as a child, got ‘infected’ with the car racing bug. But not all is placid for the Jew in this very non-Jewish sport, having been counseled by his Southern Baptist racing associates: ‘Your luck would be better if you came to Jesus," he said associates told him, suggesting that blown-out engines, flat tires and other failures would disappear once he converted’ [to Christianity].

Gevalt; for this his parents raised him? Well, cheer up folks. Having won 7 races, and ranked 498 in the top 500 among NASCAR racers, and having also suffered the slings and arrows of peer exclusion, Mr. Denning is now investigating a possible career in investments. Bravo!

I’d feel better about all this had the bocher done professional skiing instead.

You can read about him at:

Talk about Jews in sports, do you think NASCAR shuts down for the Jewish High Holy Days (and when is the NASCAR racing season, anyway)?

Here are links to two Jewish sports legends who did:


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