Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinner at the Chabad’s
by: Schvach Yid

Tonight we light the Chanukah menorah for the last time this year, and already I feel ‘bummed out’. I don’t know why. But last night, I had a great time at my local Chabad House’s annual Chanukah bash, so let’s just call this post-party depression.

Last night we lit the big menorah that stands outside the front entrance of the Chabad House, along a well traveled thoroughfare. Each of us was given a Chanukah candle to light and hold while ‘the big one’ was lit. So what if a wind blew out all of our candles; so what if the second lamp of the menorah wouldn’t light. It was nice just the same.

Then the grub; with potato latkes, who needs food, right? So it was. I wolfed down lots of latkes. Forget about the chicken and corn, but I did have some tiny quantity of salad. Then dessert – sufganiot – jelly doughnuts, and home made. Lots of Chanukah music and nice people.

Perhaps I’m bummed out because tonight marks the 22nd jahrzeit of my maternal grandmother, from whom I heard about the family’s Nazi-provided experiences on an almost daily basis during my youth.

King Arthur (not Jewish) became depressed when he lost his sword, Excalibur. I’m not King Arthur, and I have neither kingdom nor sword. But I do have a yeshus, and mine needs management, so here’s a link to a sicha on yeshus: http://www.sichosinenglish.org/books/the-second-ladder-up/12.htm

On the other hand maybe I’m bummed out simply because Chanukah is drawing to an end, and this one, for some undefined reason, has turned out to have been particularly enjoyable.


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