Sunday, December 09, 2007

Desmond Tutu Goes to Boston
by: Schvach Yid

Last month, at Boston’s Old South Church, to attend a conference titled ‘Israel Apartheid’.

Here’s the link:

By the way, since Tutu has fashioned a clerical career with a theme – human rights and amicable race relations – it would be nice if he would follow the American model. Here in the States, when a public figure commits a racial gaffe, he/she is set to task - removed from the workplace and banished from further employment. When the offending racist dolt is finally permitted back into the workplace, he/she is permitted to do so only under the most stringent supervision, and forever condemned to sing the praises of ‘zero tolerance’, to say nothing of a commitment to recite a life long cacophony against the commission of like offenses by anyone else, to say nothing of an obligation to play up to and provide for members of the offended group.

Desmond Tutu is an Anglican minister – a high ranking (bishop) of the Anglican Church. The Anglican Church holds by Martin Luther. I have never come across a report which describes Tutu as renouncing, or at least voicing his disagreement with, the Jew-hating tirades of Martin Luther, to say nothing of his own tirades against the Jewish State.

Desmond Tutu has a lot to learn.


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