Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Proof of the Pudding…
by: Schvach Yid

In the joint statement released by Ehud Olmert and PA Chairman Abbas, the reference to Israel as the Jewish State was omitted. Now, in several on-line articles, there appears much debate about justifying the Jewish claim to the Holy Land as the Jewish Homeland, and to Israel as the Jewish State.

No justification is needed by Jews concerning the Jewish identity of Israel. America doesn’t seek to justify its former expansionist policy of Manifest Destiny; we in America have no plan to return Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, much (or all) of California, Nevada, Colorado, and Gd knows what else to Mexico or to the Native Americans. And they, to my knowledge, have never made a claim to share these former territories with the United States, nor to eliminate The United States from these lands.

The borders of Europe have changed with each successive European war, as have the names of many of the encompassed cities.

We Jews have never had an expansionist policy in the Levant, or anywhere else. Am Yisrael Chai may just as easily be stated as Eretz Yisrael Chai. It is, and always has been, ours. Today, as in the past 1½ millennia, Judaism’s two garage knock-off religions refuse to acknowledge and accept the Jewish identity of the Land of Israel – all of it – rather than assert some spurious accusation of a Jewish ‘claim’ to the land.

Today’s joint statement emanating from Annapolis is no shocker, but highlights an excuse for Israeli leadership that places the Jewish Nation squarely onto the deck of a sinking ship.

We are ready for it. I believe that the post-1967 reality will be changed in a very significant manner’ is the only excerpt I’ve read from that joint Annapolis statement that provides a glimmer of hope. It’s ambiguous, and that’s about the only good that’s discernable. Perhaps Olmert has lied to the PA and other Arab interests concerning his intent in dealing with Arab plans to stealth Jewish existence in the Middle East out of existence. If so, then to quote the popular silly exclamation, ‘that’s a good thing’.

But it’s doubtful. He’s chicken. Israel is pooped. The hyenas have run the Jews ragged. Israel is begging for peace when they should fight for victory. Want peace? Okay. Win!

We don’t ask to be accommodated on the Temple Mount. If they fight, so do we, and we shouldn’t do it with rubber bullets. If someone gets eliminated from the Temple Mount, it’ll be the Moslems, not we.

If the non-Jewish world doesn’t like it, then they can shoot themselves with any four letter word they find appealing.

The ‘West Bank’ is indeed occupied – by Arabs; so too is North Africa, much/most of Central Asia, and most of the Levant. Arabs derive from the Arabian Peninsula. They got where they are, geographically, by military conquest. Now they want to negotiate? What do they want? An end to Jews – everywhere; let’s not kid ourselves.

And the proof of the pudding? Simple. Just what do they have against our presence to begin with, and what is the legitimacy of their claims? One is hard pressed to find a defensible answer.


Jack's Shack said...

Well said.

Schvach said...

Thanks Jack!

Batya said...

I think that the world wouldn't care so much if Israel would just show some confidence, like in June 1967. Learn from Castro, as I've said many a time.

Schvach said...

You're right! The best defense is a good offense. No one likes a wimp.

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