Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh, Let’s Be Friends and Just Push the Reset Button
by: Schvach Yid

Here’s an idea: access Arutz Sheva (the on-line edition of Israel National News) simply by clicking the link,, and have an enlightening read. Partners in peace my foot!

Arlene Peck has the correct analysis, posted on Arutz Sheva, at

Why the concern? Because Israel hasn’t been very bright for a couple of decades, at least in the matter of Israeli autonomy (what you say - Palestinian autonomy?). The hyenas have fatigued – make that pooped out – Israel, and are now poised for the kill. Israel is on its back baring its belly, begging for reprieve.

Annapolis won’t be a recapitulation of the Sharks vs the Jets – not by a long shot. The upcoming fête in Maryland will emulate a gang rape, with the sponsor/referee having solidly taken sides against the Jewish State. Global economy aside, it’s all about Jew-hatred, don’t kid yourselves. Just what do the Arabs have against the existence of the Jewish State, anyway?

What’s their justification for waging war against Jews/Israel since the inception of the Jewish State? Arab ignorance? Arab illiteracy? Arab stupidity? Arab poverty? Too much sunshine? Ashkinazim don't have enough melanin? I have the answer. Culture. It’s the Arab prerogative to hate/kill Jews and wage war against Israel because that’s a component of their culture.

The United States had a culture, especially in the American South, which permitted the wanton murder of Black Americans. That has been brought under control. Given America’s experiences in ‘culture’ and domestic politics, surely the current administration in Washington DC can clearly discern the correct analogy as applied to the ‘autonomy issues’ of the Israel-Arab conflict.

Thank Gd for enlightenment. And remember, it was the Arabs, Palestinians included, who rejected the UN partition plan for ‘Palestine’, not we, and since then plenty of Jewish bodies have been strewn along the Arab path to ‘autonomy’.

Good Shabbos!

Photo Credit: Arutz Sheva


muse said...

You didn't like my op-ed? or blog?
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Schvach said...

Am I in the soup now? I'll try to post something - emes.

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