Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Olmert Unbound
by Schvach Yid

At last, finally, I’ve figured it out. Thanks to an article posted on Arutz Sheva, I have at last reasoned the solution to this most perplexing problem, namely, the odd policies of Israel’s current administration. My mind is not always crisp, certainly not on matters concerning international relations, but I am convinced that now I have it.

Ehud Olmert misses the days of the Yishuv. Forget that he was only 3 years old when Israel declared its independence. He wants back to the ‘good old days’: checkpoints – for Jews; weapons searches – of Jews; population relocations – of Jews. That’s the spirit. Ehud Olmert really wants to be British.

I’m so relieved.

I thought it might have been something other than this narcissistic wannabe nonsense. Now I can fathom why the political leader of the Jewish state would do all those lousy things to his people. He wants to turn back the clock and start from scratch. Push the reset button. Perhaps he views the Jews of Israel as a population of Joseph Trumpeldors – ‘it’s good to die for your country’.

The Palestinians of course, also want to push the reset button. They want to undo 1967 and Olmert is all too happy to oblige. If Olmert thinks he can undo Israel’s impending mistake, then he’s sorely mistaken. The Arabs are no longer a military pushover. One may think Olmert learned this lesson last summer; evidently, he hasn’t. Once YESHA is gone, it’ll be gone, and given the unending assertions of the Palestinians and the Arab nations, so too will all of Israel (the Arabs assert Israel is Palestine – remember?).

Perhaps the good people of Israel – I mean the Jews of Israel – might consider electing a new government. I know it’s not simple, and I know I know nothing of Israel’s parliamentary system of government. But c’mon, my favorite holiday of the year is Bastille Day, so ‘aux barricades’, if he’s really intent on giving away YESHA. If it works for the Palestinians in getting a wall moved (this was just a test case; there’s much, much more on the way; you know, all of Israel), then the Yiddin of Israel (and not just small isolated communities on the West Bank) need more than just an argument. Perhaps they should follow by example. It seems to work.


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