Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Lesson in Defense Strategy for the Jew Haters
by: Schvach Yid

Well jadies and jents, it appears that the ‘neighborhood bully’ has at long last located his testicles and has finally chosen to do the right thing. Mazel tov! The Jew-haters are aghast and livid (not Livni), encouraging Israel to not ‘overdo’ this most necessary response to Arab Moslem aggression. Maybe Israel won’t ‘overdo’ things. Perhaps Israel won’t emulate America’s disastrous incursion into
French Indochina/Vietnam. Hopefully, this time, Israel will get things right and remove the covers from its binoculars before making tactical field decisions.

Vienna Mike of Arutz Sheva comment fame, where are you?

The time has long past for the Jewish State of Israel to stand up and assert it’s belief that the Land of Israel is Jewish, and that no one may trounce on us on our turf. This belief is supposed to constitute the raison d’être for the founding of the modern Jewish State.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s statement that this will not constitute a brief operation is encouraging, but international third party interference has consistently exerted a historical precedence in Israel’s defense efforts, so we’ll see.

So here are some basic rules of national defense, and of life:

When a foreign military force, whether formal military or citizens’ militia, attacks your country’s civilian population, it is the duty of your government to eradicate the foreign belligerents.

One doesn’t respond to one’s foe‘s hostility in order to jockey that foe into a position of having to negotiate, but rather one responds for the purpose of eradicating the foe.

There is no peace possible with a people who don’t want peace.

Take a lesson from US Navy Admiral William‘Bull’ Halsey of WW 2 fame – hit hard, hit fast, hit often.

Kill anyone who attacks, or threatens to attack, your children.

Kill anyone who causes your children to live in fear.

When one is forced to choose between the lives of one’s own children or the lives of the children of those who attempt to kill one’s own children, then what do you think should constitute the appropriate response – 60 years of requests?

A message to Israel’s enemies: don’t start a war unless you are prepared to run the risk of losing.

Knock off the public relations propaganda; the truth of the matter is self-evident!

Hannah Ashwari, wherever you may be, f*ck you!


Anonymous said...

A Shkoach ... git gezugted.. right on target. I subscribe whole heartedly to this piece and the greeting tendered Hannah Ashwari as well.

Schvach said...

Thank you!