Sunday, November 30, 2008

True Identity
by: Schvach Yid

Ellen W. Horowitz has just posted an article on the Arutz 7 (Israel National News) web site. It can be accessed here:

Forget about the evangelical propaganda. Just read the books by Rev. John Hagee, so beloved by the AIPAC crowd and other Jewish hopefuls. I’ve had my own experiences.

Years ago, on one of my innumerable health care jobs, I happened to pass the hospital pharmacy. There, perched atop a filing cabinet situated next to the entrance, stood a bottle of Kaopectate that bore an absolutely conspicuous (for me) label in Hebrew.

I stopped in my tracks to read it. A pharmacist seated near the door announced in a rather
proud tone that he had picked up the ditty while visiting Israel. He grinned – oh how pleased he seemed with himself. So I very nonchalantly proceeded to recite my free translation of the Hebrew label.

Wham! Quick like a bunny he grabbed the phone on his desk, punched in some numbers, and proceeded to complain about me (I was a very well-known item there, as well as in every workplace of mine down here in America’s Bible Belt). If this fellow had any conceptions of being ‘pro-Jewish’ or ‘pro-Israel’, then he managed to very competently blow his cover. Some supporter of a Jewish Israel! Perhaps the dolt didn’t understand that Israel is the Jewish State, and will remain so, and perhaps he thought that we Jews shouldn’t get around, as in make our homes in his precious Bible Belt. Perhaps he thought we Jews shouldn’t possess a knowledge of our religion’s language. (And yes, my supervisior gave me a mouthpiece about my erudition with 'foreign' languages.)

I hold no hope for a meaningful Jewish-Christian ‘dialogue’; not with the evangelists of America’s Bible Belt, not with the Vatican under the current serving pope, not at all.

And not with Islam.

Some absolutely fundamental changes in the values and teachings of Christianity and Islam will first have to be instituted before we Jews get to live in peace, at the behest of those two other religions, and those changes mean revisions in their respective claims of fundamental revelation, and that, Jadies and Jents, will never happen.

Good luck to us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

I read your comment with interst, but I failed to understand why the Pharmacist was so upset w/your interpretation of the Hebrew Label on anti-acid?

What did you translate back to him that he found so offensive?

Sometimes, when I correspond, I my mind speeds ahead of me & I will omit some of what I planned to type, by accident. Please bear with me, it looked to be an interesting confrontation but I have no idea why it occured. Or why you were well known to the Security people in the hospital?

Schvach said...

No, I wasn't well known to the security people (of which there appeared to be very few).
The pharmacist's displeasure with
my apparent knowledge of Hebrew is a matter of conjecture for some; for me, it was plainly evident. There was no cause for displeasure, since he had no objection to explaining the item to me in the first place, only to my informed response.

Anonymous said...
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