Thursday, November 27, 2008

Denmark Too
by: Schvach Yid

Talk about bandwagons, Demark has been reported as considering a bill that would ban circumcision in males under 15 years of age.

It sounds as though that Nordic country is vying for a honcho position at the UN.

I’ve never met an adolescent male who has wanted his possession to be so dispossessed.
Besides, the Aybischter never said 15 years of age.

Perhaps Denmark should take a lesson from my father’s observations during his service in the US Army. There, he served as a field hospital medic. Among his comrades were those between the ages of seventeen and their early twenties who fell under the surgeon’s knife, requiring a bit of modification to their cherished possession. Such an item of a late adolescent or early adult male is a bit heftier than that of an eight day old, and as such requires post-ceremonial sutures. In the early hours of each morning them dang stitchures would make their presence known to the patient in a most disagreeable way, often requiring a journey back to the O.R. for some patchwork. Mine was done post-partum (and I mean just), thank G-d.

This new bill is reputed by its sponsors to be a natural outgrowth of Denmark’s ban against female ‘circumcision’. I’ve written this before, so I’ll write this again. Females have nothing to circumcise. If the Danes can discern the difference between a Dane and a danish, then certainly they can differentiate between male and female genitals.

Circumcise means to cut in a circle. Females have no circles. I don’t know what that shape is called, but by the diamond boys on West 47th Street I think it’s called ‘marquis’; I’ve never referred to it as ‘marquis’.

Here’s the link:,7340,L-3625859,00.html


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