Thursday, July 19, 2007

They’re All Gone

by: Schvach Yid

All of us old enough to have watched TV in 1972 remember those indelible words spoken by Jim McKay of ABC’s Wide World of Sports on September 6, 1972, as he announced the murder of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes by followers of a subsidiary of Yasser Arafat’s PLO, Black September, in - Munich Germany (surprise!).

The fallen Israeli Olympic Games heroes aren’t alone in being ‘all gone’. The destruction of Jewish culture as well as population is a determined goal of the Palestinian rank and file, as well as of their Moslem religious leadership.

I came across a ditty of Jewish cultural beauty and pride that has been lost to Arab Jew-hatred, displayed as the banner on the home page of Kesher Talk ( The original piece has been lost to Arab vandalism.

There are other losses to our cultural heritage, provided courtesy of Arab Jew-hatred. The Biblical Archeology Review, founded by Hershel Shanks, reported years ago about the demolition of King Solomon’s stables and the dumping of the destroyed structures into a garbage heap outside the Temple Mount. There are lots of other examples of the deliberate murder of Jews and the destruction of all things Jewish by the Arab hoards.

Israel wants peace. Too bad - it’s not available. Today, 35 years after the horrendous tragedy in Munich, the government of Israel is negotiating talks with one of the former leaders who conspired to produce the Munich Olympic massacre, and is very busy conceding to the demands of that person, and others, as preconditions for some as yet undetermined future benefit for Israel. The demands for Israeli concessions that are made today are the same as those made back then. Nothing has changed – even the Palestinian leadership is the same, minus one. A little oxygen, please (very little, it appears)! Just as soon as the Israelis get it, they’ll stop catching it – get it? I wish the current leadership in Israel would!

I apologize for the absence of pics, but Blogger seems to have gone apoplectic today!


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