Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Peacock Speaks
by: Schvach Yid

Last night (July 24, 2007), NBC TV news had a curious item. According to their report, it seems that Church attendance by Christian men is a little down, so much so that one clergyman has organized a ‘guy’ religious meeting (on Sundays, I guess), complete with rock band and pizza. Another Christians’ male religious group was shown cutting and collecting bramble in the bush – as a religious function.

I had to laugh. I thought of schul, most of which is a ‘guy thing’. If you’ve read my earlier blog The Queen of Judaism (May 27, 2007), then you get my point. Ten men make a minyan (try to get one together outside B’nai Brak).

My 'Bible Belt'-located neighbors are the sort who were reported in this news piece. The guys aren’t into church. They like their guns, and their pickup trucks; they like sports and beer and smoking. They like Harley’s. And they don’t like me.

They also like to fantasize about attractive women because their wives pretty much look just like their husbands, except of course, for the slightly longer hair. Almost all, male and female, are obese.

But the non-religious ploys attempted by Church clergymen to bring the men into the fold is humorous when compared to the enthusiastic practices of the adherents to Jewish Orthodoxy.

That’s all folks.

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