Saturday, October 17, 2009

Schvach Rambles
by: Schvach Yid

So what else is new? The diagnosis is in: Bob Dylan suffers from Leonard Cohen Syndrome.

Thanks to Gail at Rubicon 3, I’ve just learned that Robert (the Jew) Zimmerman has
released a CD of homespun (I guess) Christmas carols. I wish these guys in the entertainment field would make up their minds already about their religious convictions. Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Madonna (now there’s a good one!), and G-d knows who else among the ‘famousos’.

I don’t get it. I have no problem with my religion, so what do they have with theirs?

Once upon a time the people over at Star Trek came out with another movie, this one with Christopher Lloyd portraying a Clingon or Romulan (no, not Rahm Emanuel) who manages to con Admiral (I think) James T. Kirk into dropping his defenses in a faux peace maneuver, and then blitzing the Starship Enterprise . In the end Kirk pulls a maneuver of his own and cooks Lloyd’s character (have I gotten it right so far?).

Perhaps this scenario of Hollywood fiction should cause the Israelis to wake up. A number of responses, as well as outcomes, present themselves, and so Bibi, choose wisely, not poorly (as the archaic knight cautions Indiana Jones in the third installment of the IJ trilogy).

Here are four distractions which present some of the choices from which Bibi and his countrypersons can choose. Chatz l’chah! Of course, there’s always winning. Perhaps the Israelis should consider that option.

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