Sunday, August 23, 2009

Window Shopping Hevron
by: Schvach Yid

There’s a problem (no kidding) when Jews spit three times after mentioning Zionism.

The hat in the hand routine hasn’t worked, and never will. The lady at the Bagelnosher
blog site has posted a doozy, at:
on this very Israeli phenomenon. Well, actually, her post isn’t about Israeli intransigence in their political capitulation to Arab and American demands concerning the current Jewish ‘occupation’ of the Jewish Homeland, but rather a scathing synopsis of the Palestinian Arabs’ continued intransigence toward Zionism.

We all know what happens to anyone who straddles a fence and stays there; evidently, the Israelis don’t, so here is more of Schvach’s ‘wisdom’ concerning Israel’s ‘foreign policy’ in the administration of its own turf. It’s really simple, and goes something like this:

When Obama and his Wurdulaks (verdilaks) tell the Israelis to limit Jewish procreation in Israel, the Israeli government should reply by offering cash incentives to all Jews living in Israel to make more Jewish babies, and I don’t mean tax breaks – I mean cash in hand. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, and lots of money for each Jewish baby born into a Jewish family in Israel. Racist? Nicht für der Araber? You betchaya.

When Obama and his enemies (like, hey, he said he keeps his enemies closer than his friends) instruct the Israelis to limit/close Jewish settlements in YESHA, the Israeli government should respond by building more Jewish settlements there, and should offer major cash incentives to any and all Jews to settle there. While they’re at it, Israel should build a Jews-only city in YESHA, and name it Medina Ilit, in memory of the Jews of Medina who were slaughtered by the vampire of Islam, Mohammed and his rabble. (On a truly personal note, I consider Hitler – may his name and moustache rot for all time – to have been the reincarnate of Islam’s prophet Mohammad; just compare the Nazi shooting of Jews along the precipice of mass graves to Islam’s celebration of ‘Banu Quraiza’ or ‘Battle of the Ditch’ – they’re revoltingly alike).

Lastly, do not close any checkpoints, and extend ‘the wall’. Piss ‘em off and kiss ‘em off, and if it’s war they want, then please oblige the Arabs in no uncertain terms.

Well, this is how Schvach commemorates the past slaughters of Jews in Hevron – may we never forget, and for more, please access Jonathan Mark’s piece at:

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