Sunday, June 14, 2009

Found – One Pair of Cojonas
By: Schvach Yid

If you want to read the text of Israel PM Netanyahu’s speech delivered earlier today, it can be accessed at:, and at:

Needles to say, the Palestinian Arab leadership will never accept these terms; needless to say, this is exactly what Israel’s PM intended. Lob the ball into their court and let it stay there – end of game, and it’s been nothing but a game by the Arab enemies of Israel.
There is no way for Israel to have peace via negotiations with it’s intransigent enemies., and accordingly, the status quo is probably Israel’s best choice, except for the very much needed acceptance of Israeli ‘settlers’ on the ‘West Bank’ by Israel’s government, and some very real military responses to the continued Arab aggression against the Jewish citizens of Israel.

And from the Atlas Shrugs blog site, this contribution to all the on-line analyses of Bibi’s speech (which can be read at:

- To me he was saying that the kind of state the Palestinians want is not on the table and not on the horizon.

- Then I checked out FoxNews. And then the Figaro: “Netanyahu accepts the principle of a Palestinian state.” And finally, the Jerusalem Post. Our friend Aryeh Eldad said it too. Netanyahu crossed the red line. All the conditions he set forth will be forgotten, the only thing that will be remembered is that he agreed on the principle of a Palestinian state.

And what of CNN? ‘Israel accepts a Palestinian State’. But the Arabs will, of course, never accept Netanyahu’s terms - voilà

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