Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Continuing Saga of the Wisdom of Vienna Mike
by: Schvach Yid

According to ‘Vienna Mike’, a frequent pointedly opinioned commenter to Reb Tzvi Fishman’s blog From Hollywood to the Holy Land which appears on the Israel National News web site Arutz Sheva, the Obama administration has recently passed through Congress a bill that provides 20+ million dollars for the emigration of Hamas /Palestinian refugees of the Gazan War from Gaza for settlement in the United States.

I hope it’s true. I don’t care what sort of ‘security risk’ those people pose for the United States. I don’t give a damn how socially disruptive those people may be for Americans.
I much prefer to see those people over here than over there.

Why? Because no one in the United States will put up with Moslem Arab terrorism in the United States. The UN will never object to American law enforcement agencies ‘going after’ law-breaking Moslem terrorists. By contrast, Israel is told to put up with them. The Jews of Israel are obligated to accept the murderous tirades and recidivist Jew hatred foisted by those people. And if they’re over here, then they’re not over there – in Israel.
A Mechaiya!

I have a satisfying remedy for coping with those new, soon to be, immigrants to America.
Settle the whole bunch ‘down here’ where I live, in this sun-drenched and humidity-plagued corner of America’s Bible Belt. One of the numerous local churches has recently erected a cross – you know, of the crucifixion variety. It’s a mere 150 feet tall. It glistens white in the American South’s sunshine. It manages to ‘cast a giant shadow’ (sorry Mickey Marcus). I walk out of my local supermarket, and there it is. I drive out of my bank’s parking lot, and there it is. I drive home from my dentist’s office, and there it is. My new neighbors will love it – I am sure.

So why not? Pack ‘em up, the poor devils. Send them over – please. There’s lots of empty land ‘down here’ – lebensraum for those Hamas-loving, Jew-hating, Palestinians. Let them live under the boot for a change, in the land of ‘infidel’ proselytizers, in the land of pick-up trucks and Second Amendment rights.

I hope it’s true.


rutimizrachi said...

You go, Shtark! Sometimes, a little Bible-thumpin, chaw-chewin', "y'all new around here???" 'tude can be a good thang.

Who was it sent me that great photo of the 72 virgins... and they were all really mean-looking NUNS...

That's Bible-belt humor, there. They know how to handle weird little fureners with tablecloths on their heads, down there...

C'mon, boys. It's Miller time.

Schvach said...

Thanks for commenting Ruti. I can only imagine the response of the local residents here should some stupid dope from 'over there' show up and commit a politically motivated murder of one of their children. Gevalt!