Sunday, January 04, 2009

I Can’t Believe It
by: SchvachYid

Well sadly, in fact, I can. Love us as much as I do, I’m wholly convinced that we Yiddin are cowards. Sorry Jadies and Jents, but over the past 1 ½ millennia we’ve been conditioned into a state of fear. We whore ourselves.

David Bogner, founder and writer of the highly respected Treppenwitz blog site has posted a bit about the assertion of Jew-haters that Jewish blood – as in blood transfusions - is undesirable.

So what? Anyone who thinks Jewish blood is unfit for transfusion can geh am drerd – please! No matter. His next item is more provokingly disturbing. Here it is:

The truth is, just as Israel has had to come to terms with a Red Diamond as its medical symbol abroad (since the International Red Cross made it clear that the Red Star of David is offensive to too much of the world)…

Is Israel to abandoned the red magen David as it’s logo for emergency aide in response to the demands of the global Jew-haters? Is Israel nuts? Haven’t the Israelis heard of self-respect? I don’t know how old this information is; I don’t care. The fact that this applies 'abroad' is irrelevant.

Screw international recognition and acceptance. If Israel has implemented this self destructive act, then the writing is on the wall – in Greek, Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, anything other than Hebrew.

What of Israel’s flag? What of Hebrew writing? What response will we offer when we’re confronted with the demand to abandon the Hebrew alphabet? Evidently folks, it’s not far off, and the current serving jerks in Israel’s leadership will be eager to comply.

You can catch Treppenwitz’ blog here:

Once upon a time there existed an expression of speech which the Israeli leadership has evidently forgotten; it's 'f*ck 'em'!

We need a brain at the helm. We need some cojones.

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