Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Bestiality of Islam
by: Schvach Yid

Thanks to the obsession the various cable news channels have with the current presidential primary race, I didn’t learn about the latest tragedy in J’lem until today, since regrettably I don’t have a computer of my own. I hope they’ll revert to reporting the news, rather than pursuing their habit of turning the current bid for the presidency into a knockoff sports event. Until then, I think I’ll cancel my TV cable subscription.

According to the ‘Protocols of Political Correctness’, there are Moslems, and then there are ‘Islamists’. ‘Islamists’ are supposed to be the extremist minority within the world’s general Moslem population. Baloney! ‘Islamist’ are nothing other than the military wing of the world’s general Moslem population, and like all military forces, they constitute a small percentage of the total population of their society. They don’t have formal uniforms, you may counter? They

don’t indulge in ritual pomp and ceremony, you may protest? Schmonses; they constitute a citizens’ militia, but unlike the Minutemen of the American Revolution (in whose honor a class of America’s ICBM’s are named) the ‘Moslem Citizens’ Militia’ commit murder in the ‘cause’ of Jew-hatred.

This past week, eight Jewish kinder – yeshiva bochurim all, were murdered in cold blood as sacrifices in Islam’s hatred against Jews, Judaism, and the Jewish homeland. These eight Jewish youngsters were all made of ‘The Right Stuff’ – proud Jewish youths who loved their people, Torah, and Israel.

And to what end was this atrocity committed? The arabist throwbacks to T. E. Lawrence’s day might inveigh Arab nationalism. The UN, in its long established convoluted way, would assert ‘humanitarianism and world peace’. The current administration in the US would figure out something – anything – supportive of ‘Palestinian rights’, and Olmert and his crew?

Who can successfully decipher the ways of Olmert and the Israeli Left? I don’t know if that bunch really means what they do in their endless pursuit of capitulation, or if their backs are truly against the wall. Olmert, after all, is not only the Prime Minister, but also a prime assassination target. I imagine that not too much is needed to position a Palestinian Arab assassin to do the dirty deed.

What is clear is that the proud days of Israeli chutzpah, at least in terms of national defense, are over, replaced by luxury high rise condominiums in J’lem and the expulsion of Jews from Judea/Samaria. Ah, the legacy of the Olmert administration. ‘World peace’ might as well be ‘whirled peas’.

By comparison to this past week's tragedy, 'only' seven people were murdered in the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929:
('s_Day_Massacre). The ‘Moslem Citizens’ Militia’ has been out-doing Al Capone for a very long time – just count the Jewish corpses.

And here, courtesy of A Simple Jew is a lesson to be learned from Gemara, at:

photo credits: top-Arutz Sheva; bottom-Wikipedia


A Simple Jew said...

Thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

Well you have clearly ignored the masscres committed by jews against palestinians or have you forgotten the israeli general who confessed burying egyptian POW alive and never been tried. Take a deeper look at your actions first before condemning 1.2 billion nation of being terrorists.

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