Thursday, May 17, 2007

Methods of Manipulation for People With
Difficult Personalities

by: Schvach Yid

Well folks, it’s back to my former place of employment, that university campus somewhere in
America’s Bible Belt. The university has its own police department , and each year the cops
organize a little fete for the newly arrived students. The students are assigned the task of staging a public demonstration, 1960’s style I suppose, complete with picket signs. They’re required to snake their way across campus, chanting something or other, while the police – the university’s finest – march beside them, ostensibly in a mock show of keeping the peace, but in fact, putting on their display of authority. Talk about creating a hostile work environment, not to mention the delusional self-defeating nature of this exercise. The students, if anything, are not involved in a demonstration - there’s no rebellion to be found here – but the opposite, they are in an exercise of compliance with a requirement that has been imposed on them. And universities are supposed to be smart. Michael Moore, along with his camera crew, should catch this act. I can just picture the raves at
Cannes. Shades of old Bull Connor (get it –shades?).

Mom and dad shell out Gd knows how much moola so that the benefits of a university education might accrue to their kids and what do their kids get? – put in their places! And you should see this spectacle, every year, college-aged youngsters who have arrived on campus to study and succeed in life are marched around like prisoners in an exercise yard, as though they are the enemy. To ‘protect and serve’ might as well be changed to ‘comply or die’. Go ahead guys, put that on your license plates.

As I watched this annual disgrace, I harped back to a street scene I viewed from my parents’ living room window when I was in college. There, a mere two stories below on the sidewalk, I beheld an instructive sight. Two youths, I guessed of late high school age, had decided to use a parked car as their personal set of monkey bars. Along came a third youth of the same age, in a huff, who took issue with the two acrobats. Bingo – a fight, but thankfully, not much of one. Two against one, but no one got pummeled. Along swaggered the shop steward of machismo, spiffed up wannabe dandy style, walking a huskie (Alaskan, Siberian, what am I, a Westminster Kennel Club expert?). He intercalated himself between the two warring factions. Good move! He faced the lone pugilist, his back to the pair of provocateurs and spoke. The two sides continued to exchange assaults, but the one man Peace Corps blocked all the attempts of the lone protester to land a punch, while permitting his two opponents to land with success every punch they threw. Bad move! After a minute or two of this street theater the foursome plus dog parted ways. Evidently, no one was really hurt, except for the insult.

What does all this have to do with a Jewish blog? Are you kidding? Can one conjure up an analogy? Of course one can. How about Israel. Have you ever known or heard of a sovereign nation that is required to bow so low in obeiscence as is the Jewish State of Israel? Has any other nation in modern times ever been so isolated and set upon? Israel is hardly sovereign.It has been sculpted by its detractors as a terminal dependent , the world’s national welfare case, by international intent and design. The fact is the non-Jewish world can’t accept Jews or the Jewish State as winners. So be it. The hat in hand belongs on the kopf, and there’s no need to ask permission.

The behaviors of Israel’s leaders seem to play into the hands of the Jew haters, so here’s some advise from a blogger who knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy matters or international relations. It’s ‘policy decision making for dummies’. Here goes. First, when you fight, always fight to win. Second, when you win, keep whatever you gain. Three, don’t isolate your own constitutency. The Jewish State is for Jews. Want to call this bigotry? Fine. We’re bigots. Up theirs! I mean, really! You’d think that that international women’s coffee klatch held years ago by/at the UN would have had something else to raytz about other than Israel. Or Nelson Mandela, upon finally achieving his personal freedom (talk about not giving in) would have turned his political attention to fields other than Israel. Or Desmond Tutu. Go ahead, label me. Label us. But Israel, to kick Jews out of the West Bank in order to appease the international community of nations, from which Israel has been so obviously and blatantly excluded, is a policy decision worthy only of the dumbass who shoves an ice cream cone into his forehead. An ice cream cone into the forehead makes one look something like a unicorn. Unicorns are not Jewish. Israel is.


Tamar Yonah said...

good article. good analogy.
-Hey, what are you doing in the USA anyway? Come home, we need you. You can blog form anywhere, and we have universities here that are so left wing, we could use you here!!! Did you know that our own university on har hatzofim doesn't even fly the Israeli flag it is so pro-arab and anti-itself?

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